Evan: Guitar and Vocals
Martin: Bass and Vocals
Paul: Guitar
Taylor: Drums

About this recording:
Everything recorded and mixed 2010 by Yannick Sarrazin
Mastered by Dave Williams
Group vocals on Predictive Smiles by Brendan, Renee, Sarah H, Hans, Nick, Matt K, Nancy, and Jonah.



This land is poisoned. There's cancer in the water. A tarnished picture, a community in need.
A landscape ravaged by a nation's creed. A dismal future for the many cast aside.

It's a truth that should destroy the foundations,
Slap on the palm from the civilized nations.
It's a truth that should destroy the foundations,
make off with billions but a bad reputation.

A broken promise. A plea ignored. A silent ministry is met with a fine reward.
While these lands are sucked for all their blood, forest uprooted for a toxic mud.
Rivers sapped for all their flow as tailings leak and casualties grow.
A city enjoys a gold rush boom, the land they shook left in ruins.


We're lost in our belief that beneath us there is a bottomless well, earth that will never erode, and ecosystems that will never die. Convinced that the skies above will never fall no matter how much soot and sulphur weigh them down.

Every shipping container and satellite carries with it a small piece of this creed: "Forget the future, tear up the Earth for the steel." Heed no warnings to slow our hunger and our greed. "Forget the future, tear up the Earth for the steel underneath and cage yourselves in it."

We race towards the point from which there's no return, ship the blame across the seas. Outsource our goals, to exploit a nation as our own, condemn them for their role.


For 400 years we've been fighting the same fight. No matter how the myths are spun, can't see how our side is right. Wiped clean, from recent memory, human beings cast into history.

Vast sustainable lands, capitalized.
Displaced the last sustainable lives.

What I learned: apologies for my ancestors wrongs. People are not relics, these people are not gone.

Homes were broken, penciled in on the margins of new maps and covered up by stadiums and mines. Homes were broken and each new generation still shows the cracks. Without change, homes stay broken.

We can say its all over. Shield ourselves from the facts. Cover up. The genocide persists to this day.


"It would be easier just to fold our hands and not make this fight..., to say, I can do nothing. I grow afraid only when I see people thinking and acting like this. We all know the story about the man who sat beside the trail too long, and then it grew over and he could never find his way again. We can never forget what has happened, but we cannot go back, nor can we just sit beside the trail."
Our words carry weight.
There's a statement in silence.
We never say so much as what we say when we say nothing, when we do nothing.


People are more than the beliefs they profess, the values they promote and the knowledge they possess. Nothing is achieved by being condescending. We'll never win our wars with snide remarks and closing doors. Are we even sure of what we're defending?

Mistakes are made, again and again. Blame won't get us anywhere. When trust is compromised a part of our community dies. We feel it too because we've all been cut down to size. We hope to do our best but, but none of us are perfect people, so we strive to be what we never can. Every effort made should be a step in the right direction, and we can try to be what we know we can.

A slap in the face feels justified but check the weight you throw. We want everyone to understand the last thing we need is more black eyes. Cut down every strut and wonder where your support is.

Mistakes are made, again and again. Blame won't get us anywhere. We try to live the way we feel, but its our contradictions that keep us real. None of us are perfect people, so we strive to be what we never can. Every effort made should be a step in the right direction, activism is not alienation.
When we raise our voices, is it just to be heard? When we scream together do we drown each other out? The things we feel are important, are they just another badge?


Waiting for the pay off, itching for the bail out. Leave it for the future to invent a shovel that will dig us out of this hole. And bury what we've left behind: a legacy of unpaid bills, credit slips, and I.O.U.s.

We are living on borrowed time, racing towards eventual collapse, and infinite growth is just another scam.

We are the Ponzis, we are the Madoffs. We are all schemers. We are all frauders. We are all suckers. Borrow from a future to appease our lust for product, reliant on a system that will never pay off.

This is our infinite wisdom: that nothing is finite, there is no stable state to seek. This slope we climb will grow on forever and we will never fall off.


As another year passes we try to keep standing tall, stay true to the lives we chose. Second time for second chances, won't get away with third rate efforts.

These days we spend together trying not to think about the walls we should climb, the ceilings to break, the jobs we should work, the chances we should take.

Keep our heads above water, stay positive and not get bitter. When we finally realize we need each other.

Sometimes we capitulate to the problems we face everyday, and life is a give and take, there's no magic solutions, only choices we make. It gets hard to communicate when we got everything at stake, sometimes we capitulate to the problems that stand in our way.

And is it worth it to defeat every trapping of youth, to fight every day for the dreams laid out for us?

Sometimes we capitulate to the barriers...