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Upcoming shows, new t-shirts.

posted by SQUIDBOT on September 22nd, 2009

So we’ve regrouped after having recovered from summer tours with our other bands (Vile Intent, Barn Burner, Buried Inside) and are (sort of) hard at work writing new material. We have a couple shows coming up, the first being Friday, October 2nd at Underworld as part of Pop Montreal. That show is with Title Fight. We have three shows (Sherbrooke, Montreal, Ottawa) coming up the third weekend of November with After the Fall from Albany, NY. There are also a couple other awesome shows in the development stage so check back here in the weeks to come.

We also have new t-shirts that you can buy from us at any of our shows, or from our website. They cost 10$ and they look like this:


some barrier photos

posted by Martin on March 5th, 2009

Here are some photos from our cd release show at squalor taken by Louis:



There’s also a couple photos from our buddy Matt on his blog here.

Breaking the Curse

posted by Martin on February 23rd, 2009

The cd release show on Friday was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out. We sold a ton of cds and the show raised a ton of money for Open Door Books. Thanks again to Tailor also for filling in on drums after only 3 jams with us this week. He’ll be filling in again with us in Toronto next Saturday February 28th. The show is at Annie’s 375 Queen St. E with our bridge jumping buds Come Clean and a few other bands. This is our first show in Toronto so come check us out if you live there!

More new shows info.

posted by SQUIDBOT on February 14th, 2009

- Whiskey Trench has been added to the March show at Squalor.

-The Kingston show is currently being reschedueled for a weekend in late March.

Everyone remember to come out early on February 20th and watch BARRIER live at Squalor, and make sure you pick up their new EP “WHAT TO MAKE OF A DIMINISHED THING”. As a robot I cannot develop an opinion for myself as to whether or not it has artistic merit based on a listen alone, though I have ascertained from days of webcrawling and scouring public opinion that it is generally looked upon positively. Also if you live in a city that it not Montreal or Ottawa, please do not forget to mailorder many copies from the local record label LE TIGRE records.


Upcoming shows

posted by Martin on February 11th, 2009

OK time for a serious post. Some upcoming shows:

February 20th with Preying Hands, Whiskey Trench and Dead Wife @ Decadent Squalor (3627 Notre-Dame O.). This show is a benefit for Open Door Books and will also be our cd release.

March 8th with Whiskey Trench and special guests at the Rooker Room in Ottawa (in the basement of St-James’ Pub), 7pm 6$.

March 20th with Unfun (from Toronto), Pals (Evan’s new band with members of Barn Burner and Black Ships) and more at the Decadent Squalor (3627 Notre-Dame O.).

Punk is dead, but we are still alive.

posted by Martin on February 1st, 2009

Barrier is still alive. We’re sorry about our apparent drop of the face of the earth; you see, that’s sort of what happened. We’ve been exploring the nether region, limbo, the void between the opposing states a band can occupy: together and broken up. Band and anti-band. Similar to the relationship between matter and anti-matter, these two states of band appear mutually exclusive. And yet we have teetered on the infinitely fine edge that separates the two, out of phase with both reality and anti-reality.

But fret not. Our experiments in existence are coming to end (we hope) and we are poised to phase back into your plane of existence. Our calculations still bear some revision (face it, we’ve been wrong before), but the current date for this spectral shift is predicted to be February 20th at roughly 9pm at the Squalor (3627 Notre-Dame Ouest). If all goes according to our predictions, we’ll play with Preying Hands, Whiskey Trench and Dead Wife.

The theories being tested at this time are experimental and untested. The manifestation of our return will be unstable and prone to collapse back into the nether region we have been wandering; to put it simply, don’t miss this show. Reconstructing the field strength necessary for us to play a show thereafter may take months or longer. It is unlikely (our calculations disagree, but the probability is small), but our worst fears may be realized: if we lose experimental control band and anti-band, matter and anti-matter, energy and anti-energy will collide and annihilate each other, us along with it.

On a related note, our forthcoming CD EP is, in fact, not a myth or a hoax, not a subject of discussion in the field of cryptodiscography. It too has been navigating an uncharted void, but will the forces of retrograde motion may be able to push it into your reality before our predicted return date (February 20th). This cd is the very one you can hear tracks from both here and here and will be released on le Tigre records with a little help from our good friends at where’s that deerhead? cassettes. Everyone who has heard the cd has returned with the kind and sincere words of compliment so we hope it will be worth the (long) wait for the rest of you.

Please bear with us.

posted by SQUIDBOT on November 27th, 2008

As some of you may know, Barrier is now on myspace! The page can be found at The band has long resisted the temptation to sign up for this free service, due to the connections the site has to unsavory world-dominators Roopirt Merrdalk and the Faulkes News corporation, yet due to the increasing pressure within the alternative and independent music communities to advertise using this free service, and the too-tempting-to-miss opportunity to list as influences all the bands (obscure to most, canonical to three or four) that they could think of, they have finally succombed.

Of course signals a new financial partnership between the rock group, the site WWW>MYSPACE>COM, and its parent company. As a gesture of goodwill towards these four radical miscreants, Faulkes news has employed me to be in charge of future updates on their website ( This will ensure more frequent updates, as the freedom fighting anarchists who play in the band are generally too engaged in political squabbles during secret underground meetings and liberating discarded donuts from garbage cans to pay regular visits to their online domain.

Fond Regards to All the Fans,

Bumbledim J. Squidmarks,

The Automatic Website Updating Robotic Automaton

EP tracks

posted by Martin on October 16th, 2008

The mixing and mastering are done for the recording we did with Dave last month. You can listen to two of the tracks here. We’re working on booking a release show in November.

Recording with Dave and Al

posted by Martin on September 13th, 2008

We’re in Manotick right now recording 7 songs with Dave an Al in a giant country house. It sounds really great so far. So you’ll hear it soon hopefully!

Ceiling collapse

posted by Martin on September 4th, 2008

The shows with The Wishlist were nuts. In Ottawa some kids got into a fight before we played and in Montreal the ceiling in the apartment below Evan’s living room fell down. Also we all went to Wakefield with Come Clean and jumped off a bridge. We don’t have any more shows coming up, but we’re recording next week in Ottawa. We have a producer and everything. Then Evan is disappearing back behind the Iron Curtain.

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